Contribution guidelines for Kerman Enterprises Quaker comic books

Send black-and-white comics. One full page should be the same ratio as 8.5"x11". I am looking for nonfiction about Quakers, suitable for adult and childrens' First Day School. Nothing about George Fox, John Woolman, or William Penn, please. If the comic is about living Friends, please obtain their permission. If you use reference materials, please indicate your sources at the end of the comic. Also, good spelling is required. Good grammar is required except when shown to be part of someone's speech. (Mark Twain used good grammar in his narrations, colloquial grammar for those characters where it was appropriate).

Payment is $10 per page, $5 for a half page or less. Half of the fee will be paid upon acceptance, the other half upon publication. In addition, 75% of net profits will be split among the artists in proportion to the number of pages each one contributes. For example, someone who contributes 10 pages to a 30 page book would receive $50 upon acceptance, $50 upon publication, and $25 out of every $100 of net profit (1/3 of = ). Kerman Enterprises will have the right to first North American publication; the artist will retain copyright.

Send camera-ready art, and if you would like your art returned if it is not accepted, include a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage. If the art is on anything stiffer than regular paper, it would be prudent to mark the envelope "do not fold". No electronic contributions will be accepted. Direct questions to or to the postal address below. Send your art to:

Kerman Enterprises
PO Box 18061
Portland, OR 97218-0061

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