TMS Times
                          Wednesday, March 14, 1990
                             Volume 2, Number 35

by I.M. Cydyng

     The most interesting Intersession report yesterday was Ziggy's. The
majority of the report consisted of the walk to and from Bartlett Cabin.
This simulated a bus ride with Ziggy as the bus driver and narrator. He
attempted to have everyone stay together as in a real bus, but it didn't
work. Before the trip had even reached Bean Road, there was an attempted
hijacking with snowballs as the main weapon. Unfortunately, the hijackers
were wimps and listened to Ziggy when he told them to join the group.
     However, this did set the scene for the rest of the walk to Bartlett
Cabin. Periodically, several people ran ahead of the main group and hid in
the woods. When the group caught up there was a massive snowball fight.
Now and then the bus driver made announcements, such as, "Stop, this is
a rest break!" or "This is Minnesota."
     Upon arrival at Bartlett Cabin, Ziggy told the group briefly about his
Intersession on the Horticulture Team at the Seattle Zoo. In his free time
he played Nintendo and swam in Green Lake although it was 55 degrees.
     The main theme of the return bus trip was the Greyhound bus strike. Tom
was the scab bus driver who ran a TV camera man off the road and then
insulted him. More than half of the group decided they didn't like bus rides
and decided they wanted to go back by other means of transportation like
hitchhiking, trains or airplanes.
     Several folks noticed bizarre temperature zones on Woods Road. One
footstep, the air was cold, the next it was warm.

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