TMS Times
                       Wednesday, March 28, 1989

                          Volume 2, Number 39

The TMS Inquirer
" ... inquiring minds want to know ... "

     Recently, a strange thing happened to Jen.  "I seen a spirit that
looked just like Arlo Guthrie," she said.  "That's why I was hyper, and
smoked rolled up cigarettes, which isn't normal.  He was singing 'I
don't want a pickle, I just wanna ride my motorsickle.'"
     She continued, "He invited me to his friend Alice's for a
Thanksgivin' dinner that couldn't be beat.  We got into the VW Microbus
and went to Alice's (it's not a restaurant, just a house that's
actually a church) and had a meal that couldn't beat the meals here.  I
said this couldn't have been real because it isn't Thanksgiving time."

The comics are made possible by a grant from Jon McGee.  The executive
corporate sponsor wishes you to know he did not dedicate these comics.


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