TMS Times
                        Saturday, April 7, 1998

                          Volume 2, Number 42

By Joy Katesdatter

     Yesterday during student meeting, a concern about the emotional
health of the faculty was met by a system of student check-in people.
Students volunteered for the faculty and interns they'd check in with.
In some cases, students were persuaded to volunteer.
     Theoretically, each faculty person and intern has at least two
students who will ask them how they're doing every so often.  The
distribution wasn't quite even, however.  One teacher has one student,
while three staff have three students each.
     To meet this, several students doubled up, and at least one
student was so enthusiastic that he had to be reminded not to sign up
three times.

The TMS Inquirer
"... inquiring minds want to know ..."

     According to an earwitness, "strange sounds were heard emanating
from Helios.  They sounded vaguely like rap music."  The alleged
perpetrators were Nate, Eli and Jon McGee.
     When asked about his part in the rap group, Jon said, "It's Eli
really.  I'm the P.R. men. "  Confronted with whether he wanted good
publicity for the group, Jon said "Yes.  Definitely. "

The comics were made possible by a grant from Jon McGee.  The executive
 corporate sponsor wishes you to know he did not dedicate these comics.

SELECTED BY JON                          DEDICATED TO ALEX J.

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