TMS Times
                       Wednesday, April 25, 1998

                          Volume 2, Number 44

By Milo Bloom, Investigative Reporter

      Today it was discovered that after years of aggressive expansion,
the Soviet Union has stretched its borders to within a mere 12 miles of
American soil.  The State Department has no immediate comment.

The TMS Inquirer
".... inquiring minds want to know ...."

Passions that quicken your senses, fulfill; quench the thirst of
lonesome years!  Yet the sun has shadows, learn to control your will;
to enjoy life long happiness, not tears!  Wait!  Rise to the stars
above & thrill!  Arouse the very flames of life!  Sweetheart, kiss me!
Hold still, hold still!  Listen to God's reward for strife!  Rosebuds,
slowly woken, break budding open!  Delicate, sweet, so on saft
fingertips; shivering up your spine red pulsing blood; in lightning
speed through your pure body's lips!  Caressing deep, searching, way
out of sight; oh beautiful spirit of God's eternal Spring!  Heat of
passion in a warm moonlit night!  Ecstasy to he buried in Heaven,
within!  Relaxed then to long, dreamless sleep, body & soul join close
in life's most brilliant bliss!
 - Reprinted from a bottle of Dr. Bronner's 18 - in - 1 Castile Soap

*** WARNING!  If you try this at school, long clearness meetings and
loss of free time may result! ***

The comics are made possible by a grant fror Jon McGee,  The corporate
sponsor wishes you to know he did not dedicate these comics.


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