TMS Times
                   Wednesday, May 23, 1990

                     Volume 3, Number 52

By Joy Katesdatter, Staff Writer

     On Monday night, several people from The Meeting School,
accompanied some prospective faculty, went to a potluck in
Peterborough.  The potluck, planned by the Monadnock Monthly
Meeting of Friends for the Cyclists for Peace, was held in
the Peterborough Youth Hostel.
     The American organizer of Cyclists for Peace, Parker
Snow, welcomed everybody and started the potluck off with a
moment of silence.  The potluck resulted in some interesting
revelations, such as the fact all fruit is scarce in the
Soviet Union.
     After the potluck, the members of Cyclists for Peace
were introduced.  Some of the occupations of the Soviet
cyclists include: working for the "Soviet NASA"; pollution
control specializing in fire and smoke pollution; and
restoring monuments between Leningrad and Moscow.  Most of
the Soviets came from Moscow, although one of them lived near
     The translation was obviously selective.  At one point
the non-Russian gpeakers listened curiously to a long
exchange in Russian which made everyone who could understand
break out laughing.  When asked for details, Parker Snow said
he wouldn't translate because it was "too silly".  Also,
after they sang the Russian version of "Happy Birthday" in
honor of Ed's birthday, they started translating it - it was
about a pie for your birthday that you cut up and give to
people.  But then they stopped.  It was a children's song,
they said, too stupid to bother translating.  It obviously
had more variation then "Happy Birthday", though.
     The Cyclists for Peace were to visit TMS yesterday
morning around 10:30.  They never came.  They were spotted by
Julie M. Smith that evening at about 6:30, heading towards
Boston.  They were on Route 148, about five miles from the
Route 2 exit to Boston, travelling in a huddle, with a few
ahead and behind the main group.

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