Monday, October 2, 1989

Volume 1 .... Number 2

     by Joy Katesdatter, Staff Writer

     Considerable confusion occured Saturday night over the
location of the Saturday Night Video.
     At first, the video was to be shown in Bliss living
room, but then a student suggested that the showing take
place in Aurora basement, because of the larger TV screen
and the more comfortable couches.
     The conflict started when corinne's request that
community activities not take place in Aurora while she was
gone was remembered by Nancy, the substitute houseparent.
     Nancy asked that the video not be shown in Aurora
basement, so all the would-be video watchers moved to Bliss.
However, they neglected to ask permission from all
Bliss Housemembers before starting the video,  The matter
was discussed considerably before establishing that nobody
     Then, another argument was raised, because Aurora
basement is actually community space, not under the
jurisdiction of Aurora.


     Niels experienced a strange phenomenon last night, when
he lost a year's worth of memories and thought he was still
living in Thomas House.
     "Why are you in my room?" he said as he walked in the
door of Amara and Ada's room.  He was under the impression
that Kim and Steve were the houseparents in Thomas House.
     Later in the evening, he lost another year of memories
and thought it was a great joke when told Bush had been
elected President.
     He was also excited that he'd been accepted to The
Meeting School.
     Several students took advantage of his apparent
inability to remember his time at TMS, telling him who he
was having passionate affairs with, etc.
     If this strange condition persists, it will affect
community dynamics considerably.

Ralph Leland Minker III is now 32 years old.

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