Wednesday, October 4, 1989

Volume 1 .... Number 4

by Edwy ap Edwin, Staff Writer

     The committee to plan orientation is Bright, Kate,
Jennifer Cusack and Kim.
     There will be a student orientation for a few hours
     The nominations will be announced Thursday at Opening.
     A Library Committee will be found.
     Bright's car being off campus was approved for a one
week trial period. Jason will be in charge of the car. It
will be going only to and from AA meetings. Questions were
brought up about insurance.
     Ed informed the meeting that someone claimed to have
seen some students drinking on Thomas Road, at 1:30 AM
Sunday morning.
     A committee was formed to discuss locations for a music
area. The committee consists of John Siegel, Gavin, Mark,
Dave and Rich.
     An agenda item about Clueless, the cat, proved
     Peace activism is going on a field trip to a
demonstration at Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant Saturday,
October 14. All are welcome to come but are asked to attend
non-violence training first. Mileage will be paid out of
student fund.


     In the October 2 edition of the TMS TIMES we printed an
inaccurate statement about corinne.
     In actual fact, corinne requested that Aurora only have
"no overnight guests."

... enquiring minds want to know ...

     Niels experienced another strange phenomenon yesterday
afternoon as he left Community Meeting. As he was walking
into Bliss kitchen, he accused Alex Jarrett of killing his
     According to Alex, Niels had a menacing glint in his
eye and Alex was scared immediately. "I had never seen Niels
act this way, at least while he wasn't acting." Alex said.
     Niels then chased Alex along the path behind the
Biology Lab. Alex got away by running past the smoking area.
Apparently Niels was distracted by the smokers.

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