Monday, October 9, 1989

Volume 1 .... Number 8

By Joy Katesdatter, Staff Writer

      The Town Trip to Keene this weekend was so popular that
those who were taking Aikido had to go in the station wagon.
Even so, there were no extra seats.
      Returning from Keene, the van was quite crowded with
the school purchases made at Edwards.  There was little or
no leg room for most.
     A hazardous substance was spilled at the end of Town
Trip.  The bleach was being unloaded and one bottle was
dropped, spilling bleach all over the basketball court.
     No plants or animals are alive in the contaminated
area, which can be easily located by the stain.
     Monadnock Monthly Meeting met in the Barn for the last
time this fall.  A Second Hour discussion on homophobia and
related topics started at noon in Mountain House meeting
room, continuing for slightly over an hour.
     corinne announced Saturday morning that the nonviolence
training will take place in Aurora basement, next Friday the

By Edith McCloud, the second, Staff Writer

reprinted from The Keene Sentinel, September 30, 1989


     MOSCOW - The Soviet Union dropped an atomic bomb near
its own soldiers 35 years ago to test their ability to fight
on ground contaminated by radiation, the Defense Ministry
newspaper disclosed Friday....
     ...the daily Red Star [said], "A real
atomic bomb was detonated during a Soviet SELECTED BY 
military exercise on Sept. 14, 1954, in order   JESSE
to study the effects of the explosion and test 
troops' ability to negotiate the contaminated
     "After the atomic strike, there were not
only no landmarks left on the terrain, but the
area itself became unrecognizable."....
     ...[before 1963] the United States
conducted 100 tests above ground....All Soviet
and U.S. nuclear tests have been underground
since 1963 when the countries signed a treaty
banning atomic explosions in the atmosphere. 

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