TMS Times
Tuesday, October 10, 1989

Volume 1 .... Number 9

By Edwy ap Edwin, Staff Writer

     Keiko, a visitor from Japan, is visiting alternative
schools in the United States because she is interested in
starting a small alternative school in Japan.
     She came on Sunday with her two daughters, and is
leaving this afternoon to visit the Albany Free School.
They are staying in the Little Yurt.
     Sunday evening, the three performed traditional
Japanese dances in Aurora basement.  At the end, almost all
of the audience joined in a dance from an island in the
south of Japan honoring the cranes and celebrating good
     After the dance, we learned that one of the steps was
symbolic of the cranes' mating dance.  If you meet anybody
holding their hands up at shoulder height and making short,
high pitched noises, then duck.  The cranes will not be long

     Keiko is also interested in macrobiotic cooking and
expressed her interest in teaching Japanese macrobiotic
cooking and learning American macrobiotic cooking.
     She led Japanese dance again Monday during sports
period, and Monday evening shared Shiatsu techniques as part
of the Therapeutic Touch elective.

The TMS Inquirer
 ... inquiring minds want to know ...

     Yesterday evening an impromptu gong show was put on in
Aurora basement.  Thankfully, only five people were present.
The performances are not worth describing.

     One player in the frisbee game yesterday said, "The
score is one to one - we're winning!"


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