TMS Times
Wednesday, October 11, 1989

Volume 1 .... Number 10

By I.M. Cydyng, Staff Writer

     Almost a gallon of bleach was spilled in the milk room
sometime Tuesday.  The spill was discovered by Gavin, who
came into Thomas House through the milk room door just after
     Jim, who was present, along with several others, in the
dining room, when Gavin reported the bleach spill, went down
to the milk room and discovered that most of a bleach bottle
had been spilled.  Apparently it fell from a shelf, where it
had been in a precarious position.
     Jim picked up the bottle and swept the bleach down the
drain.  A few minutes later, Ada noticed bleach fumes in the
dining room and experienced some discomfort.  "My eyes were
starting to burn," says Ada.  "I was starting to think about
going away for the evening."
     Instead, Ada went down to the milk room and poured
about three gallons of water on the floor, which was still
covered by a thin layer of bleach.  The water washed most of
the remaining bleach down the drain.
     By curfew last night, most of the bleach was dried up,
but the milk room still smelled like a swimming pool.  Says
Raychael, Thomas resident, "It stinks.  I don't appreciate
it.  This is my house."

By Joy Katesdatter, Staff Writer

     * Bright may keep her car off campus.  Ed will be the
sponsor for the car, keeping the keys in between authorized
uses of the car.
     Authorized uses include Bright driving her car to and
from AA Meetings, with a buddy for Bright to make sure she
follows agreements.  A quick stop at Fogg's and stops for
gas are permitted.
     * Jim Cates will lead civil disobedience training this
Friday in Aurora basement from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM.
     * Problems with the set-up for Opening were discussed.
Bring input to Bright on a proposal for next week.
     * Megan has parental permission with qualifications to
particiapate in civil disobedience at the Seabrook
demonstration Saturday.  She had a personal clearness
meeting and is clear that this is the right thing for her to
do.  Kate Kerman will be her contact person at school.
     * A form was shared for those hosting guests.  It was
approved with changes.
     * We were reminded of processes to take before leaving
campus.                  *   MORE TOMORROW

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