TMS Times
Thursday, October 12, 1989

Volume 1 .... Number 11

By Edith McCloud, the second, Staff Writer

     At least five different flying saucers were sighted
yesterday afternoon near Thomas Road.  One usually reliable
witness described them as "no more than a foot wide.  They
were flying below the treetops."  The flying saucers were at
least three different colors - black, white, and purple.
     The flying saucers congregated in the field near the
Barn, flying back and forth for about ten minutes.  Then all
but one of them landed.  This flying saucer seemed to have a
peculiar control over most of the people in the area;
wherever it flew they followed. It landed quite often in the
course of the next hour, but always took off again.
Finally, its control over the humans ended and everybody
dispersed with relief.
     It is said that this peculiar occurrence has been going
on periodically for more than a month.

By Joy Katesdatter, Staff Writer

     * The nominations brought by Nominating Committee to
Community Meeting were approved.
     * Tracy would like to have her own farm animal - horse,
pony, or lamb - on campus.  Concerns were expressed.  She
will bring a proposal that addresses those concerns next
     * A committee was started to talk about the sex
committee - what it could be, should be, has been, and will
be.  The committee is John Siegel, Kim, Bright, Jane, Nancy,
Dave, Amara, and Kate Kerman.  Kim will convene.
     * Jim Cates will come tomorrow to do civil disobedience
training.  It will happen in Aurora basement from 8:30 AM to
2:30 PM.

By I.M. Cydyng, Staff Writer

     There are be no classes scheduled on Friday the 13th or
Saturday the 14th.  Most students are planning to go away
for the weekend.

     The next issue of the TMS Times will come out on Monday
the 16th.

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