TMS Times
Monday, October 16, 1989

Volume 1 .... Number 12

By Joy Katesdatter, Staff Writer

     Last Thursday evening, between nine and ten-thirty
P.M., the Kerman's car window was smashed while it was
parked in the parking lot near Bliss and Hellos.
     Cate Van Meter heard "a tinkling noise" and a car
driving by.  But the car didn't stop so she didn't
investigate further.  "It wouldn't have surprised me if the
window wasn't broken," she said.  But when she found out
later in the evening about the broken window, she realized
what she'd heard.
     When Ed Kerman went to look at the car, he found that
"one of the back windows was shattered and there was broken
glass all over the inside of the car."
     The police were contacted, and, according to Ed, he
"looked at the car and noted who it belonged to." Then he
"was asked for his advice on how we could avoid having this
kind of thing happen," but he coulnd't offer much advice,
When he was asked to drive by here more often, he replied
that he would keep it in mind, but lately he'd been pretty
busy with accidents and other calls on the main highways,
according to Ed.
     This was not the first incident at TMS of vehicle
windows being broken.  On the morning of Monday the 9th, one
of the windows of the tan van was discovered broken.  And
last June, windows were broken in the Kerman's car and one
of the school vans.
     Apparently, this vandalism is a widespread problem
throughout Rindge and is not restricted to The Meeting

The TMS Inquirer
"inquiring minds want to know ...."

     An exciting dice competition happened last night
between Eli Staudt and Niels Brewer.
     The match, won by Eli 5 to 1, involved gambling for
almonds with dice of different shapes.
     Says Eli, "I kept trying to roll low, but I just
couldn't bring myself to it.
     Niels claims he could have won, but, "I don't like

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