TMS Times
Tuesday, October 17, 1989

Volume 1 .... Number 13

As told to Joy Katesdatter by Megan

     On Saturday, October 14, a trip went to Seabrook from
TMS.  In the van were corinne, Megan, Jennifer, Gavin,
Shoko, and Karin.
     On the way to the demonstration, the group stopped at
the ocean and spent about an hour there.  Megan borrowed a
seashell and cane to an understanding with a stone that she
could keep it for luck.
     When the van got to Route 1, going into Seabrook,
everybody in it joined in silence.
     The demonstration started with a rally at the dogtrack.
When the TMS group got there, Megan looked for her affinity
group, Fission Impossible.  It took her a while to find it.
Says Megan, "I was planning for the worst scenario.  I was
planning to be frightened and scared, for everything to go
wrong.  But everything went right.  I felt safe the whole
time.  It was wonderful."
     After the rally, people marched a mile to the nuclear
plant.  They went in groups of twenty because the police
consider more than twenty people walking down the road to be
a march.  Fission Impossible and the group from TNS walked
     When they got to the gate, the ladder over the fence
was set up and there were about thirty people on the other
side sitting on the grass and singing.  After about five
minutes, it was Megan's turn to climb the fence.
     She climbed up the ladder, and, when she was about
halfway down the other side, she remembered that she'd been
asked to wave at the top, so she turned and waved.
     The demonstrators sat on the grass singing and talking.
After about half an hour, the police came and warned them
that they could be arrested and said they could still leave.
None left.  The police took the ladders away.  It symbolized
that they were committed to their actions,  although there
was a big hole under the fence through which supporters
passed pizzas, which they could have crawled through.
     Megan was considering whether to do nonco-operation
when she was arrested, in the form of giving a false name.
She wanted to give the name of a famous Quaker woman.  When
she asked somebody for the names of famous Quaker women, he
said, "How do you know that one day you won't be a fanlous
Quaker woman?"  So she decided to give her own name.
     She also met Jim Romer, there with the Quaker City
affinity group.  He said hi to everyone at TMS.
       See tomorrow's paper for The Arrests.

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