Thursday, October 19, 1989

Volume 1 .... Number 15

by Ima Knott Cydyng

     At least 272 people were killed in Tuesday's
earthquake, 253 in the collapse of Route 880.  More than 600
were injured.  Lloyd's of London issued a bulletin
estimating earthquake damage as at least $1,000,000,000.
     President Bush declared a national disaster area.
Condolences came from the capitals of the USSR, France, W.
Germany, the Vatican, and other countries.  Japan offered
emergency medical teams, and support rebuilding San
     An All Things Considered reporter, after about an hour
of earthquake-related news last night, said, "There is some
other news today, and we're going to take a few minutes out
to tell you about it."

By Edith McCloud, the Second, Staff Writer

     Yesterday afternoon the space shuttle Atlantis launched
from Cape Canaveral, carrying the spacecraft Galileo on the
first stage of its journey to Venus and Jupiter.
     Galileo was scheduled to be unloaded from Atlantis last
night.  It will maintain an orbit around the Earth before
proceeding to Venus and then Jupiter to gather data on the
planets.  When Galileo gets to Jupiter, it will orbit for 22
weeks, according to The New York Times.  It will then crash
into Jupiter's atmosphere.
     Although the 49 pounds of plutonium on Galileo brought
court action, no protesters appeared at the launching,
according to NPR's All Things Considered yesterday.  The
shuttle carries 2,400 pounds of conventional propellant in
addition to the plutionium reactor.

The TMS Inquirer
... inquiring minds want to know ...

     "As I write this, my hands are imprisoned in a pair of
handcuffs.  Raychael put them on me just after curfew
Wednesday.  I was unable to escape."  This anonymous note
was sent to the TMS Inquirer offices.  Watch out for
     The TMS Radical Right has its eye on the TMS Times.
The article "FLYING SAUCERS SIGHTED" caused some talk at the
HQ of the Radical Right, according to an informed source.
One Times official said, "We aren't scared."

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