Friday, October 20, 1989

                     Volume 1 .... Number 16

By Edwy ap Edwin, staff writer

     In  Monday's  TMS Times,  it was  printed that  the  Anti-
Seabrook Demonstration  article would  be continued  on Tuesday.
Instead, the  TMS Times  printed articles  on the  San  Fransisco
earthquake of Monday evening, and the delay of the space  shuttle
     I was  forcibly reminded of  this error  of omission  when
Megan, her  cheeks wet,  sobbed,  "You bumped  me for  the  Space
     Chagrined, I promised a "profuse and eloquent apology"
     The TMS Times, facing competition by the journalism  class's
new weekly, The  Crescent Moon,  has been  revising its  policies
rapidly as to the  balance between national and  local news.   We
are sorry if some are inconvenienced by the new pol- icies.

The TMS Inquirer
... inquiring minds want to know ...

   Mark was  seen putting handcuffs on a struggling Amara yes-
terday afternoon.  When  asked about his  actions, Mark said,  "I
felt she had to be taken away."
   The tables were turned on  Mark later in the day,  however,
when he was handcuffed and had no access to the key, five minutes
before his childcare workstudy,  Attempts to pick the lock  fail-
ed, but the holder of the  key relented and Mark was free  before
     Earlier this week, a  secret admirer distributed five  pink
roses to five individuals on campus.  Rumors indicate it was  the
same secret admirer....

by Edith McCloud the Second, Staff Writer

     The Galileo probe launch Wednesday is the most sophisticated
deep-space probe yet  launched. Its electronics  systems are  de-
signed to detect and correct faults.
     Galileo was originally designed to use the  "space-shuttle
Contour booster rocker", but after the C hallenger accident, Gal-
ileo was redesigned to be launched  from Earth's orbit by a  low-
power solid-fuel engine. According to NASA, the engine, and minor
in-flight course corrections, will  be powered by  "themoelectric
generators fueled by plutonium pelets" delay reactions.  Sources:
Electronic Engineering Times, October 9, 1989

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