TMS Times
Monday, October 23, 1989

Volume 1 .... Number 18

by Edith McCloud, the Second, Staff Writer

     Jim  announced Saturday morning that it is  inadvisable
to drink tap water without boiling it first, due to the  re-
sults of the water test.
     The test said that there were three times as many  cho-
lifera bacteria in the water as the Health Dept.'s safe max-
imum.  Before the well was chlorinated, there were siz times
the limit.
      However, Jim says that there  is some doubt as to  the
validity of the test,  since he didn't sterilize  everything
used to take the water sample.

by Edwy ap Edwin, Staff Writer

     Recent reports indicate that the early estimate of over
273 people killed  in Tuesday's earthquake  is probably  too
large.  The estimate was based on rush hour traffic  density
on Route 880.   But most cars were  at least 60 feet  apart.
Also, some of the cars were parked and empty.

The TMS inquirer
... inquiring minds want to know ...

     On Sunday evening Alison put chewed bubble gum on  Kar-
in's forehead.  Karin walked around for a while before  not-
icing anything.
     Sunday afternoon Hannah, Jesse, and Travis came to vis-
it me, claiming that  they were the  enemies of everyone  on
campus except me.    They said  they'd been imprisoned,  but
had escaped  and  would not  be  missed until  their  guards
brought supper.  They left soon after, saying it wasn't safe
to be in one place for too long.

The comics are made possible by a grant from Jon McGee.


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