TMS Times
Saturday, October 28, 1989

Volume 1 ... Number 23

By Joy Katesdatter, Staff Writer

     Yesterday U.S. President George Bush went to Costa Rica
to a  celebration  of  the 100th  anniversary  of  democracy
there.  Also attending are the Heads of State of all Central
American countries, except Noriega (from Panama).
     The U.S. Secretary of State, when asked if Bush planned
to meet Daniel Ortega, president of Nicaragua, replied  that
Bush  would  not,  but  was   planning  to  meet  with   the
opposition's presidential candidate.

By I.M. Cydyng, Staff Writer

      Almost half  of the student  body missed Opening  this
morning.  It is  believed that they left  campus early on  a
long trip.  They didn't know exactly when they would  return
- probably sometime Wednesday.

By Edwy ap Edwin, Staff Writer

      This weekend a  trip left to a  Friends in Unity  with
Nature (FUN) conference  at Woolman Hill,  a Quaker  retreat
       One  of the  guest speakers  is Elizabeth  Watson,  a
long-time Quaker with high  recommendations of her  speaking
ability from  such  community  members as  Kate  Kerman  and
     All in all, the FUN conference promises to be fun.

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