TMS Times
                 Monday, November 13, 1989

                   Volume 2 ... Number 28

                    Or, a visit to Niels

By Ada Kerman (in consultation with corinne joy)
      "Only two visitors at a  time," said the woman  behind
the desk.   She  showed us  to the  lobby and  went to  tell
corinne and eric that other people wanted to see Niels.
     In the lobby, an argument started about who would go in
and who would get to go first.  Before it was settled, Niels
came to the door and was engulfed in a crowd.
     Niels,  wearing his turquoise and green tie-dyed  shirt
backwards over his blue sweatpants, beckoned the first  pair
(Jesse and Beyond) to his room.
     When it was  my turn, we went into a room with  washing
machines and a weight machine.  "Nice room you have here," I
said.   He agreed.    He showed  me  his new  white  plastic
bracelet.  He said when he  saw Karin's he just had to  have
one like it.
     Niels accompanied  me to his "real" room.  Three  walls
were painted a  cream color.   The fourth was  yellow.   The
trim matched his hair.   Niels was  the soul-occupant.   The
room was larger than his double in Aurora.
      "I want  to get a letter  from everyone," said  Niels,
pushing a braid off his forehead.  "I'11 write to the  first
three people I get letters from."
      Later, as  Niels was padding along  the hall in  socks
with rubber treads, I asked him if he'd write to people  who
sent him self-addressed stamped envelopes.   He said it  was

FLASH UPDATE: (by corinne joy)
     Niels  has been transferred to McLean's Hospital  until
Tuesday,  when  he  will  hopefully  be  accepted  into  the
hospital in Keene. The phone number for the new hospital  is
(617) 885-2548.
      * Please  write letters anyway,  just don't mail  them
until his address is certain! *

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SELECTED BY JON        (Dedicated to Jennifer Cusack)

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