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Tuesday, November 14, 1989

Volume 1 ... Number 29

- Paraphrased and reprinted from "Berlin's mayors embrace at
wall", by Mary Curtius, The Boston Globe, Mon., Nov. 13. -

     East Germany announced Sunday night that during the day
it opened 13 new crossings in the fences and walls that mark
the border with the west.  Among these were openings in  the
Berlin Wall.
     The border was opened Thursday night.  Since then, over
4 million visas have been issued to East Germans wishing  to
visit West Germany.   Officials of both countries  stressed,
however, that only a miniscule number of those who have come
west since Thursday are asking to stay.
     "This step  of  the  German  Democratic  Republic's
government  has  paid  off,"  said  Ingrid  Stahmer,  deputy
governing mayor  of [West] Berlin.    "Many people  want  to
     "The people just want to visit each other," said Walter
Monper, Mayor of West Rerlin.
      And 800,000 East Germans  were thought to be  visiting
West Berlin Sunday.
      Momper expressed  hope that the  huge masses who  have
stampeded through downtown Berlin all weekend will disappear
with the start of the work  week.  But he acknowledged  that
the crowds are likely to return again next weekend.

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