TMS Times
                Wednesday, November 15, 1989

                   Volume 2 ... Number 30

                    BLEACH SPILLS AGAIN

By Edwy ap Edwin, Staff Writer
      Thomas residents discovered  yet another bleach  spill
Tuesday,  Although not  as severe as  the last bleach  spill
reported by the Times, this  spill is more awkward since  no
one has yet cleaned it up, as this article goes to press.
      A large puddle of bleach  blocks the doorway from  the
stairs into the milkroom.  "If this keeps up, there will  be
a white carpet in  the dining room,"  said one Thomas  resi-
dent, her face pale.
     There has  been no official inquiry into this  environ-
mental hazard  to date.   However,  the paper  was asked  to
print the following public service message:
          Please be very careful when handling ammonia
     in the milk room until the bleach is cleaned up!!

The TMS Inquirer
... inquiring minds want to know ...

     Alex Jarrett was called to clearness today by Megan for
sitting on a  table.   The clearness  was brief  and to  the
point, although Alex seemed  to be in  shock from the  whole
process.  His  vocabulary apparently consisted  only of  the
two words "I guess", repeated at frequent intervals.
       Raychael accused Ada  of having  an intense  physical
relationship with broccoli.   When informed of this  allega-
tion, someone  claimed that  inter-species intense  physical
relationships were within the sex minutes as they stand.
      Ada seems to  be doing a lot  these days!   Yesterday,
Alex Jarrett  accused her  of killing  first Niels'  father,
then his own.

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