TMS Times
                Thursday, November 16, 1989

                   Volume 2 ... Number 31

                  ARE TERRORISTS KLUTZES?

     LONDON -  A bomb apparently intended for a top  British
general was found under a  car, and police said Tuesday  the
plot bore the hallmarks of the Irish Republican Army.  Cmdr.
George Churchill-Coleman, head of Scotland Yard's anti-terr-
orist squad,  said the  bomb containing  a type  of  plastic
explosive was  placed  under  the wrong  car  and  fell  off
because it probably wasn't attached properly.  (AP)


     MOSCOW  - There can be no  return to the world of  com-
peting political camps, President Mikhail S. Gorbachev  said
yesterday.  It was  his first broad  comment on the  radical
changes sweeping Eastern Europe.
     "It is time to recognize that the world today does  not
consist of two mutually  exclusive civilizations," he  said,
"It is one common civilization in which human values and the
freedom of choice have primacy."
     Gorbachev, quoted by the official news agency Tass, was
speaking at a meeting here with the French foreign minister,
Roland Dumas.  (REUTERS)


By Joy Katesdatter, Staff Writer
        In Community  Meeting  Tuesday, Raychael  and  Megan
volunteered to  organize the  Parent's Weekend  coffeehouse,
and to coordinate desserts.
     Since then, they have made a sign-up poster, now on the
bulletin board by the mailboxes, and a cake.
     They urge people to sign up for the coffeehouse today.

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SELECTED BY JON         (Dedicated to Megan)

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