TMS Times
                 Friday, November 17, 1989

                   Volume 1 ... Number 32

                  PARENT'S WEEKEND BEGINS

By I.M.Cydyng, Staff Writer
      Every year, just  before Thanksgiving vacation,  some-
thing called Parent's Weekend takes place.  This year,  it's
officially starting  this  evening, with  a  coffeehouse  in
Aurora basement at eight.
     Raychael and Megan are organizing the coffeehouse,  and
the desserts to be served afterwards.  Raychael says they're
still looking for coffeehouse acts.

                       WEATHER TODAY

     The weather  today will be cold, with chances of  flur-
ries in the afternoon.

The TMS Inquirer
... inquiring minds want to know ...

     Rumors that the failure to distribute the Times to  all
houses yesterday is a sign that the Times is going  downhill
are denied by the Times staff.  According to one source, the
Times distributor took  a sick day  before she could  finish
her job.
      The same source, however,  claimed that all the  Times
reporters were quitting at the end of this trimester and did
not plan to work for  the Times until after Intersession  at
the earliest.
     She did say, however, that there were possible replace-
ments being looked  into for the  winter trimester, but  was
reluctant to name names.
     There have been speculations that the TMS Radical Right
is putting pressure on the Times to fold.  The Times neither
confirms or denies this.  The Radical Right was  unavailable
for comment.

The comics are made possible by a grant from Tom Proctor.

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