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Jesse Kerman's Working Stiff

"Good clean zombie fun!" - Gerry Carpenter

Working Stiff is a black comedy about one zombie's lonely pursuit of unrequited love. Bill has a crush on Sheryl, the Goth girl who frequents the video store where he works. When he ends his life to prove his love for her, things go from bad, to worse.


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Shot on 16mm B&W Kodak film. 14 minutes long. For festivals, available on VHS (stereo), MiniDV (stereo), and 16mm film print (mono optical sound track). Completed on 5/5/2002. Shot on location in Boston and Somerville, Massachusetts. Picture edited on Steenbeck, sound edited on Final Cut Pro and ProTools. As of this writing, Working Stiff has not won any awards. It was an official selection in the 2003 Hollywood Underground Film Festival, the 2003 Tromadance Film Festival, the 2003 ZombieDance Film Festival, and was shown at the 2003 Mini-Cinema Film Festival (Aug 2nd, Fairmont, WV), and the San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival (Aug 16th, 2003), and the 2003 Boston Underground Film Festival, and has been selected to be on the upcoming release from Troma entertainment, The Best of Tromadance Vol #3.


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Filmmaker Biography

Jesse Kerman has been making movies since he was 10, usually writing and directing. He has made several short movies on video and film, garnering regional success with Night of the Living Lush which showed regularly on cable-access in Northampton, MA. He has been homeschooled his entire life except for three years of high school, and chose to pursue self-directed experiential learning instead of film school upon his graduation. He has worked in many capacities on short films and videos in the northeast and in the bay area where he now lives.


Directing/writing/editing/producing (all shorts):
2002: "Jesse Kerman's Working Stiff"
1999: "Night of the Living Lush"
1997: "Window Pain"
1996: "Watch Yr Head, Barry"
1995: "Dead Rodent"

Complete Cast List of Working Stiff

Bill Matthew Cooney
Sheryl Lisa Stanton
Grim Reaper Deirdre Williams
Beggar Christopher Henderson

Crew List

Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Storyboard Artist   Jesse Kerman
Assistant Director/Co-Producer/A.C. Florencia Manovil
Directors of Photography Tom Hoppe, Florencia Manovil
Music composed and performed by Ben Murphy
Sound Design Kevin "Bud" Durand
Makeup/effects Nicole Johnson
Gaffers Jason Barnoski, David Waingarten
Sound Mixers Chris Henderson, Cary Krowne, Corrine Diggins, Greg Flanagan
Props Angela Waldrop
Carpenter Justin Akremi
Labs WRS Labs - Pittsburg, AlphaCine - Seattle, Noise & Light - Seattle

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