Kerman Enterprises Emporium & Review

the Word is mightier than the Bomb

Painted over the arched entrance to this room in a flowing purple script you read "Welcome to the Wonderland Bookstore". A hastily-written sign is taped below it: "The rest of the Emporium & Review is not yet open for business". The room is completely lined with bookshelves.

To the left of the archway, a catalog rests on an elegantly-carved wooden stand. Numerous comfortable chairs are scattered throughout the room, as well as padded seats in sunny windows. A sign next to the catalog explains how to participate in the review. There is also a leaflet describing the various book sources the Wonderland Bookstore offers. Taped to the wall is a spreadsheet report listing various statistics, and one with the latest voting statistics for the year. Next to it is a hand-written note listing the top books for the year.

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