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NOTE: Kerman Enterprises does not share e-mail addresses with any other organization.

How to review items listed in the Emporium and Review

For any book listed here, you can vote "Yes" or "No". A Yes vote adds one to the book's rank, while a No vote subtracts one from the rank. You can fill out the form on any of the catalog's detail listing pages (listing books by author, by rank, or by title). Vote on as many books as you like, leaving the others blank. Then click on the Vote button at the bottom of the page. Voting is also being added to the individual book pages. Or, if you prefer, or if your browser does not support forms, e-mail the book's title and author and your vote to

No more than one vote per book per day will be accepted from the same e-mail address. In the event of multiple votes, the one with the latest timestamp will be used. Please don't vote on any book unless you've read at least part of it.

If a book does not have an initial rank listed on its individual page, it is still possible to recommend it as if it were not listed. Most likely the book was purchased, which counts as one "yes" vote, although the book did not at the time have a listing. Please see "How to contribute new items", below.

How to contribute new items to the Emporium and Review

If you want to recommend a book not listed here, click here to fill out our form or e-mail the same information to

Web site updates

New books will be added, and the rank of existing books will be updated, weekly. If more than one person recommends the same book before it is posted on this site, the initial rank will be the average of all those rankings received. The names of all those recommending (if permission is given) will be listed in this case.

A book purchased through Kerman Enterprises will receive a "Yes" vote. A book returned receives a "No" vote.

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