Stand on Zanzibar

by John Brunner

Rank: 106
Other information: Hugo award winner
Recommended by: Ada Kerman
Initial rank: 100
Fiction - Science Fiction / Fantasy - Science Fiction

This "anti-novel", as the author described it, was written in the late 1960's when concern about overpopulation was reflected in many works of fiction. Set in 2010, it takes its title from the calculation that the world population at the start of the novel would just be able to fit on the island of Zanzibar, given a certain amount of space for each person to stand in.

The book is written as a collection of very short chapters, some of which are conventional narrative, some consisting of quotations from contemporary writing, some being descriptions of television programs. This sort of style is not unfamiliar to me, but apparently it was quite a departure from common practice of the day.

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