A Stone Bridge North

Reflections in a New Life

by Kate Maloy

Rank: 85
Recommended by: Kate Kerman
Initial rank: 85
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Fact - Religion - Quakerism
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Fact - Regional - United States of America - Vermont

This book is a pleasant journal about a time of great change and adjustment on the part of the author. Kate Maloy was a single mother living and working in Pittsburgh, who fell in love with Alan, a man she met over the Internet. He came to visit from the Pacific Northwest and soon after moved in with Kate and her son Adam. Within a year, they purchased a house near Montpelier Vermont, and this book focuses on their first year there - fixing, building an addition, landscaping. Also on Kate's inner process of reviewing her life, revising old friendships and opening to continued spiritual growth. There is a good deal of reflection on what it means to be a Quaker, and although as a Quaker myself I find this a bit hard to evaluate, I believe it is written well and invitingly for someone who doesn't know about Quakerism. As a New Englander, another aspect of the book that I appreciated was the sense that Kate and Alan were settling in Vermont and would do whatever came to hand for them in order to stay and survive there financially, rather than decide to go where there was a job for one of them. I enjoyed the mixture of everyday life stories, thoughtful considerations of a number of kinds of relationships in Kate's life (as mother, daughter, wife, friend, lover), reflections on local, state, national and international politics, and reflections on her spiritual understandings.

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